• 30 Mil (Actual Credit Card Thickness and Size)
  • Personal URL
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) 24/7 action
  • Complex Variable Data on Piece AND CARD!
  • Postage
  • Updated Targeted Credit Score Data
  • Artwork and all Creative with 100% Customization
  • Full Support and Complete Training


  • 3,000 Piece: $3,160
  • 5,000 Piece: $4,999
  • 10,000 Piece: $8,999

(Dealers are paying $1.35 or even more from companies with commissioned Salespeople- Don't be one...

Four in 10 Vehicles Sold the Past 11 Months Have Been to Consumers with Scores 640 and Below!

Can Digital Be Added to This Powerful Sub Prime Direct Mail Piece?

Oh Ya!

The "Automotive Black Card," Don't Buy a Car Without It!

Buy Mail Direct Inc