Patented IP Targeting is a Media HOT Topic -

Now its Included 

Run any 10,000 Piece Mailer in May, Receive IP Targeting to Boost Response up to 50% With 50,000 Matching Display/Banner Messages Served up and Seen Only By and On Your Customers Computers, Phones, Tablets, and Gaming Devices!

This is the best offer ever!

Don't Tap Your Market in May, Smash it - Dominate - "Gloves Off!"

INCLUDES 10,000 Pieces:

  • Custom Memorial Day, Buy Back, Trade up, etc.
  • 50,000 Target IP Technology with Reporting
  • 111.0 lb Gloss Titan Cover
  • Four Color 
  • Saturation Data List
  • Graphics, Art Work
  • Data File Preparation
  • Images
  • Postage Walk Sequence  

Investment: $6,999

( Or 5,000 Piece for $4,699 )

No commissions = more digital/direct mail marketing for your event.

Memorial Day Weekend Special!