Each direct mail piece is personalized so it is relevant to each customer. Using the latest technology saves money on printing and that saves you money overall.

Buy Mail Direct is passionate about training. This is where we break from the competition big time. If salespeople are not prepared and trained, don't waste the money...

The Internet is in everything we do. Digital makes everything we do better and with precision. Multichannel delivery with balance is key, but it's still a people business.

Geo and Demographics are nothing like they used to be. We can pinpoint segments and time messages to hit the right person at the right time, for the ultimate ROI.

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National Vehicle Buy Back Tour Is Coming To Your Town!


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The Buy Mail Direct Decoy is the best mailer I have ever seen, 27 years in the business! 61 ups, sold 18 from the letter, with $76,800 in gross. No gift grabbers, just car buyers.

Washington State