Patented IP Targeting is a Media HOT Topic -

Now its Included 

Run any 10,000 Piece Mailer, Receive IP Targeting to Boost Response up to 50% With 50,000 Matching Display/Banner Messages Served up and Seen Only By and On Your Customers Computers, Phones, Tablets, and Gaming Devices!

This is the best offer ever!

Don't Tap Your Market, Smash it - Dominate - "Gloves Off!"

INCLUDES 10,000 Pieces:

  • Custom Buy Back, Trade up, etc.
  • 50,000 Target IP Technology with Reporting
  • 111.0 lb Gloss Titan Cover
  • Four Color 
  • Saturation Data List
  • Graphics, Art Work
  • Data File Preparation
  • Images
  • Postage Walk Sequence  

Investment: $6,999

( Or 5,000 Piece for $4,299 )

No commissions = more digital/direct mail marketing for your event.

June 18th Weekend Special!